Holiday Displays


Pigs, watermelons, cows, bees and other creatures, $14-$55
Glass Whale ornament, $18
Glass Pelican ornament, $12
Ship in Globe ornament, $28
Glass Woodsman ornament, $18
Glass Squirrel ornament, $20
Glass Frog ornament, $12
Glass Pig Cuts ornament, $14
Clip-on Glass Dragonfly ornament, $88
Glass Raven ornament, $14
Holiday display, Glass Garlands $39-$53 per strand
Cloth Garlands, $34 per strand, Skinny Glass Garlands, $32 per strand
More Garlands and German Brushes
Glass Lighthouse ornaments, $22-$55; Glass Jellyfish ornaments, $8-$15
Assorted Vegetable ornaments, $7-$18
Bejeweled ornaments and holiday decorations
More holiday decorations
Hand-painted Blue Elephant ornaments, $55
One-of-a-kind ornaments made with vintage doll heads and baubles, $65 each
Paper Mache Whale ornament, $17, Felt Clamshell ornament, $12
Clip-on Tree ornaments, $8-$14