Animated Boar

Animated Boar

Mechanical Animal
  • 47.2" L x 15.7" W x 23.6" H
  • Woven fur and electric automation mechanics 
  • Power cable, and European outlet adapter included
  • Made in Normandy, France

    For Use

    1. Place automation on a flat, stable and dry surface.

    2. Ensure that the automation can evolve in its movements without any obstacles.

    3. Connect the automation to a main outlet with a ground plug.

    4. Operate the switch and power cable.

    5. To turn off the automation, operate the switch in the other direction.



    Indoor decorative use only. Keep out of reach of Children. Do not immerse automation, cable, or power outlet in liquid or operate with wet hands. In case of damage, automation must be repaired by manufacturer. Do not hinder, force, or modify the movement of automation. 

    In case of non-compliance with the safety instructions above, the company Michel Taillis Crétion and John Derian Company cannot be held responsible if material or physical accident occurs. 

    Michel Taillis Création has been manufacturing animated figures since 1992. Their charming mechanical animals are designed to reflect the realism, originality and fluidity of  movement.


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    Animated Boar

    Animated Boar

    Animated Boar
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